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English is not widely spoken except few people who are educated and hence make sure you have a smart phone with a translator app or may be a pocket dictionary. Your attire plays an important role in travel dairy to Indonesia, the more you are comfortable the more your trip sounds good, shorts with a tee would be fine since the climate is said to be bit warm and a strict NO to shorts to Temples and Mosques as they don’t allow showing of arms and legs. In that case you can rent a sarong or shawl to get inside the mosque, and next comes the Indonesian foods which are normally more spicy and mouthwatering. If you are not used to spicy foods then Indonesia is definitely not your cup of tea and last but not least make sure you have a currency converter app to make you work little easier.

Top Spots Which You Should Not Miss
Borobudur: It is one of most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia and found to be most important and famous Buddhist temple in the world which is located in Magelang Central Java Indonesia. It is estimated that the temple is built with 2 million blocks of stone in and around 9th century.
Prambanan Temple: It stands out as a magnificent example of Hindu religious belief explaining the story of Ramayanam with outstanding stone carvings.
Jatim Park 2: visit Jatim Park 2 which encloses a secret zoo comprising several species of animals. This park is a combination of a mini theme park and a wildlife museum.
Safari park: Safari park would definitely quench your thirst; you could have an amazing day watching animals approach you driving the car.

Bali has the most beautiful collection of beaches each with its own characteristics and appealing elements which would easily attract you. It is home of natural beauty with several forms of flora and fauna. You could search for guide bali to assist you while sightseeing. Bali encloses huge collection of mighty temples which is not only an archaeological site but also gives you the pleasure of witnessing the colorful celebrations and festive anniversaries.