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Perhaps the biggest DON’TS in certified translation is failure to verify whether an official or sworn translation will be certified with a Statement of Certification BEFORE engaging the services of a translation company.


But, there’s a few more DON’TS to keep in mind.

A common request is for partial translation of foreign language issued official documents. Here’s why this is not a good idea: Anyone reviewing the partially translated document will see loads of foreign language text that has not been translated, which will naturally make them suspicious. You can bet they’ll be wondering “Is there anything here that I should be aware of…”

Then there’s the redacted DON’TS. This is when the critical information is (in misguided attempt at privacy management) blacked out in the document. When the translation agency can’t see what needs to be translated, they get suspicious. This means the organization where those documents are submitted to will definitely be suspicious!

Another of the DON’TS: Ask for a translation quote (turn-around time & cost) with the commonly used request “I have one document for certified translation. Simple enough, so what’s the cost?” The reason you probably won’t get more than a general response – if you get a response at all – is what is the translation company supposed to base the quote on? One document can be several pages long, each page will almost certainly have a different amount of text volume, and the document may require specialized knowledge (i.e. legal, medical, etc) — All factors that affect the quote. If you need a quote for certified translation, then show the document!

The next one is a favourite. Folks often ask their official Japanese translator “Will my application be accepted?” This is an inappropriate question for the simple reason that the translation company does not evaluate your (travel document) application, and, therefore, could not possibly give you the answer you’re looking for. The better approach is to:

  • Thoroughly understand the requirements at the organization level where you’ll be submitting your translated documents, and
  • Use a Japanese translation agency with a track record that guarantees it services, 100%

Stick to the two DO’S above, and ensure your official documents are accepted wherever you they are submitted!